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Envisioned by three longtime booksellers and a creative chef, Portsmouth Book & Bar offers much more than select used books, great food, and beers; we offer a sense of place, a unique experience created through design, community events, and cultural events. We've restored one of the most historic spaces in downtown Portsmouth—the Custom House—and given it an old world, defiantly non-digital ambience—an old fashioned browser's bookshop offering espresso, craft beers, and lovely small plates. We built the shelves, the bar, and the kitchen ourselves, handpicked the titles and bake the croissants each morning. We offer a wide range of live music, readings, and happenings in a beautiful, intimate setting.

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OPEN 7 DAYS  •  SUN – TUE 10AM – 10PM  •  WED & THU 10AM – 12AM  •  FRI – SAT 10AM – 1AM